Monday, November 2, 2009

Notes on the state of a Christian America, from a liberal, heathen's POV.

That Shakespeare had it right. Those with rabid protestations show themselves in too much light. Feeling greatly affected by something is not a shameful thing, but to try and corrupt the message that plagues you so is cowardly and so then, are you.

I had the misfortune or rather fortune of dealing with such a person recently. A mutual friend of ours made an observation about religion, belief and how dangerous group think can be if that thinking is fanatical and/or a hindrance to the rights and/or civil liberties of others. I know that sounds a bit technical but I just read a bunch of law books as part of my research on Germanic law codes (don't ask, it would likely bore you to pieces--it does most folks, save a handful of history nerds).
Anywhoo, this one friend was angry because our mutual friend suggested that organized religion and its trappings should not be displayed/practiced in public areas, i.e. schools, government buildings and such. This is a topic of concern for us here in the lone star state because we recently had a case where a woman successfully lobbied for the removal of the bible from the city hall lobby here in Houston. Now our friend feels that the bible (Christianity) is/should be the religion of America. My problem with this idea is the colonizing aspect that is inherent in Christianity. I say be whatever religion you dig, just don't go off peddling it like so many girl scout cookies. And most certainly you can't or shouldn't go around trying to make everyone a carbon copy of you.
Our xenophobia and religious snobbery is the reason our new Christian American President his attacked for being everything but exactly that, Christian and American. See he is not the right kind of Christian American, the kind that supposedly gave us our sprawling American civilization back in 1600s New England. Our Puritan forebears practiced the same kind of xenophobic, colonial zealotry that has a choke hold on us today. The idea that homogeneity is more important and substance, that mediocrity is safer and more palatable than forward change and progressive momentum is why I feel religion, Christian or otherwise, is completely out of place when setting down the laws of the land and the basic tenets of a livable, evolving and thriving society.

And that is my soapbox tidbit for today.
Oh and Anon, I think I know who you are and I apologize for my shortness, I though you were someone else.
Forgive the typos and forgive yourself even if the one you have wronged will not. You make up for your mistakes by owning them and then correcting them without honestly and sincerely. Until then, you prove to all around you that your word is worthless and there for, their allegiance to you is faulty at best.
Another little lesson I learned for myself in Karmic returns...
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