Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Audacity of the Lazy! Forgive the typos--I'm typing this before class...

Okay, This morning I listened to the Tom Joyner Morning Show as is my custom during my morning commute. The focus was on the local elections held around the nation on Tuesday (yes I voted and no I did not vote for Gene Locke).

Well Cybil (not sure how her name is spelled and too lazy to go and look it up) and Tom were/are of the mind that the Republicans gained so much control because Obama didn't engage black/minority voters in an effort to stress the importance of this election to his administration. They (Tom and Cybil) complained that the President has not been back to their show since January of this year (since the inauguration).
Alright, I'll admit I was completely against their remarks at first. I have had time to reflect and now I agree with them to a small degree. Certainly and engaged President is the friend and champion of his constituents but in his defense, he is probably a little busy since taking office and along with that the blame for the economic disaster left by the last administration. Besides, have we really already forgotten how important it is to vote since last November? Come On TJMS! We should be making his administration a success through active service on our part, the VERY VERY least of which is getting off our buts to cast a ballot for the people who will have power over our lives whether in particular or in a more abstract way. It is absurd to suggest that because someone doesn't hold our hands during every election that person or group is responsible for US not giving a damn about how our city and state is run!
I'm sorry, but I find this completely and utterly ridiculous!
We didn't take care of our responsibilities and now we are going to have to live with what we bought with that bad check. You get what you give, period. We gave little this time around, we shouldn't be all too surprised with what we get as a result.

Yep, you just had my note on Karma for the day...
I'll just let that do for now
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