Saturday, November 28, 2009

Boondock Saints II and Tids and Bits

  1. Well, I had to work until 3pm on Friday so I didnt do any of the old Black Friday stuff. I never do though since I used to work in retail and was always too annoyed with the crowds to be a participant. This year I don't have to work the lines, unlock the doors or make the deposits and man does it feel good. 
  2. So I am spending my Saturday getting the car serviced (maybe) at the very least I need to change the rear signal light bulb so Autozone is in my future.   Got the car serviced and replaced the signal light bulb myself--yep, I'm pretty dang handy!
  3. Beyond that I have my home office to finally work on ( I keep putting it off and now I can't get around it any longer).
  4. 2 short stories to complete, and 2 long projects to pay some attention to.
  5. I refused to eat anymore "holiday?" food and last night had ribs and steamed broccoli! It was delicious!
  6. I Saw "Boondock Saints II, All Saints Day" last night and it was JUST as good as the first one! All the original characters came back and it looks like there will be another one after this! I hope so, this franchise is too bad-ass to let falter.    
  7. Tonight I will see Ninja Assassin! I effing love action movies with a little impossibility built in, it must be the sci/fi fantasy freak in me.I mean the mix of story, and the fantastic is just too much for me to pass up.
  8. I just finished Toni Morrison's "A Mercy" for a second time and it is still quite beautiful. The last monologue of the mother at the end really brings tears to the eyes. The theme of female betrayal is extremely prevalent in the novel and the interview with Toni Morrison is just brilliant. She talks about how women betray one another as a way to make what they have achieved seem like what they want. The woman is just a masterful storyteller. Her empathy mixed with Octavia Butler's lean writing style and stark/shark portrayl of the human psyche under extreme stress/duress is kind of what inspires my writing style. Of course comic books, hip-hop and women as saviors also motivate my writing style.
Anyway that is all for now. If you have to tell us how handsome, funny, smart or enlightened you are constantly, it might mean your actions arent really telling the truth of the matter, sooooooo
Yeah, anyway be who you claim to be, do what you can to settle those debts (to yourself and others) and keep your word, always keep your word---when the money runs out, you gotta have something of value that can never be spent in total and that, my friend is your word....

Karmically yours

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