Thursday, November 26, 2009

Notes for, but not about, what should be a National Day of Atonement...

  1. Cooking in someone elses's kitchen is weird. Everything is in a bizarre place.
  2. I finished the cooking with time to help my client set the table and jet! I added the photo to my portfolio with the notation that the place setting is NOT an original of mine (they had family place settings for their use), I received payment promptly of the remaining agreed upon sum plus a bonus of ----. 
  3. I am a caterer, a writer, and soon a more visible photographer. 
  4. Monetary stability is a real soother! Especially when you are orchestrator of your good fortune, you have no drains on your wallet and mind and especially (again) when you have new obligations coming in about 3 months, LOL. 
  5. I have to stay off my feet more.
  6. Ladies! Don't wait until 50 for a mammogram. That is surely a death sentence! Please don't wait! Don't! If you are afraid to go alone, ask someone to go with you. If you live in Houston, email me and I'll go with you. Seriously. I have done it before and I'll do it a million times for a million people. Just don't wait.
  7. My biological father is part Yavepai, my mother is part Black Foot (from the Mississippi Delta), and those Nations do not celebrate Thanksgiving, although my maternal family always has, my biological father's family does not and I do not. I don't even pretend to anymore,
  8. but I am thankful for a bounty of things all year and every single day. 
  9. I guess today I am thankful to have the courage of my convictions, which is very rare for some people...used to be rare for me. I don't keep company with cowards either (that was my old way). Own your shit and mend your fences before you try to school someone else,please.
  10. It is nice work if you can get it (well if you have a knack for work anyway---there are a lot of folks and ugh---men--who don't), thank goodness for the abscence of sponges!

Karmically Yours,

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