Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catechism for Dummies

Okay so everyone pretty much knows I don't do organized religion, I don't celebrate Christmas, Easter or what have you. That said I am absolutely obsessed with the study of religion and its hold on the individual and the masses. so much so that I attended a Catholic University for my Masters Degree in English and now again for my Education Masters...
I bought my mother "Inspired By...The Ultimate Bible Experience" a few years ago. You know that CD box set of black celebrities reading the New International Version of the bible? Yeah, that thing. It is complete and it cost me a few shillings. Yeah well she didnt really like it all that much and so never listened to it.
I am doing research for a fiction novel I am writing and the text is greatly influenced by Christian Mythology and so to brush up or rather get deeper insight I borrowed the set from my mother starting with Genesis, I have been listening to the bible to and from work in my car.
I gotta say that the bible works well as a collection of allegorical tales but as a true and original text on the history of God complete with needing to take a load off after working like mad to create the world in a long work week rather than millions of years of evolution.
Anyway, its been fun so far...

Gotta Go, have to get a short done...
Karmically yours,

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