Friday, November 6, 2009

Time to change it up a Bit

I blog on 2 sites, this one (which gets more lurks than responses which is cool) and another which has a more active audience. This is likely true because I read and respond to more of the blogs on that site than I do on Blogger. Anyway, my other blog is about health and fitness, traveling and of course cooking. I post every dish I make on that blog and talk about vegetarian living and exercise (I have had to make some changes in light of my fitness level and blogging keeps me timely in taking care of myself). Anyway I looked at my blog roll and realized that I hardly ever visit the people on the list and so I need to change the list and engage with the blogs I dig on a more regular basis.
Here goes Nothing...
later taters!

Peace, Love, understanding and above all Responsibility...we all need to do a better job Karmically speaking...

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