Monday, November 30, 2009

Caution--Sweeping Generalizations ahead--So much for being thankful you douche!

I notice that when you need to get away from misery you tend to do the opposite. You tend to stick it out in the hopes that everything that you have sacrificed (and honey, you are the only one doing the sacrificing to be sure) will make the oh so tiny bit you gained seem worth it. I am so sorry that it is you but I sure did hate it when it was me. It's a most curious thing to have someone who has worked tirelessly not to ever take care of themselves criticize someone who has almost always, exclusively taken care of themselves. I mean they criticize your efforts, basically try to embarrass you for the comfortable life you live, even though they are enjoying the fruits of your labor constantly and with so much brazen gusto. They rag on the clothes you wear but snatch up with greedy hands the clothing you buy them, they rag on the food you cook/eat and gobble down every scrap of protein you so unselfishly provide, they rag about your health and they congeal and stagnate before your very eyes in front of the TV or computer you have worked so hard to pay for...
You know I meditated before my altar today and I really had to send a positive prayer into the universe for all the women I know who are dealing with all I just mentioned, hell the men too for that matter!
Protect yourselves from negativity friends, it will make your body a breeding ground for illness, trust me, I know first hand. Let whomever she/he is take the dead weight off your hands, they did you a favors my loves.
here's to whomever helped you dodge a bullet, consider them gardian angels of a sort...may they find happiness and peace and may they receive blessings for saving someone else from their fate....
Keep you damn word, seriously, just fucking do it you coward(be you male or female)---ugh
Karmically Yours

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