Sunday, November 8, 2009


Okay so I am in the middle of going green over here at Chez Femigog and just remembered that I wanted to get some of those highfalutin CFL bulbs for all of the lamps and such. It is my understanding that they cut down on electricity costs and are better for the world, so I am gonna go ahead and get some of those bad boys tomorrow after work and before class!
So the transition back to semi-vegetarianism is going steadily along. Cutting out red meat hasnt been too big of a hassle but I will miss my oh so yummy meatballs made of lamb, sausage and ground sirloin. I will go back to doing red meat once per month and then only grain fed organic, period. Nothing too big going on today, kinda laying low and getting a million things done in anticipation for finding someone to accept my foxy, foxy book proposal...I can't believe how different my life is right was so very difficult for me to get here but, here I am. Thank goodness.

oh well, live long and prosper.
Choose well, wisely and for right reasons, you owe it to yourself and others Karmically
Toodles Poodles

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